I am a resident of Prudhoe, Northumberland, England. I have spent several years researching Featherstone Robsons’ life and works.

I haven’t recently staged any exhibitions the last being August 2000 but I still persue an active interest in this artist. My intention with this new website is to give people interested in Featherstone a facility to leave comments and information I could use in the website to either inspire or further the knowledge of this great artist

I have produced a mini-biography that contains a catalogue of all known works, for details please click the book link.

Featherstonehaugh Robson – also signed his work:

F. Robson, R. Featherstone and C. Manning

Born 1880 in Hexham, Northumberland – died 1936 in Toronto, Canada

Some exhibitions of his artworks included:

The Royal Academy – London
The Royal Institute of Oil Painters – London
The Art Gallery of Ontario – Toronto, Canada
The Laing Art Gallery – Newcastle

In the 1920′s he was commissioned to paint ‘popular scenes of the day’ such as Cathedrals of England, Coaching Inns, Seascapes and Pastoral scenes which were mass-produced as prints and sold by the major stores of Great Britain.

Having an ongoing interest in this artist I would greatly appreciate any further information either biographical or maybe details about an unknown work I could use within the website about this artist. Please email me via the contact page any potential addition to website